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Stadia has quietly added a new feature this week; it now offers 30 minute trials, and it isn’t locked behind the Pro subscription. This is a great feature for Stadia, and cloud gaming as a whole. Not having to download a huge file just to try a game for 30 minutes is a fantastic option for gamers. The first game to have this feature is Hello Engineer which recently left early access.

Screen shot of 30 minute trial button

Sitting just below the “Claim with Stadia Pro” option there is a button to start your trial. Once you start, you gain full access to the game and a timer will appear in the Stadia sidebar giving you your remaining time. Much like the recent four hour trial of Riders Republic, the timer counts down when you are in any menus etc and is not just active play time. So make sure you have a distraction free 30 minutes to really benefit from the trial. Once the trial has finished any progress you made is saved and will be available if you purchase the full game for £19.99/$19.99 or claim it via Stadia Pro. Keep playing message after trial

Over on Reddit, Community Manager Grace confirmed that Hello Engineer is the first game to offer a 30 minute trial. With more to follow over the coming months. This is a good feature for Stadia to really leverage, especially for more expensive games. Google currently offers a 30 minute trial of Stadia Pro to new subscribers. Which is ideal for getting new people in with no commitments. But expanding to individual titles will be more beneficial to existing users. Reddit confirmation from Grace


Updated 29/10/21:

Control, the award winning game by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games is the second game to get a 30 minute trial.

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