Horde Mode

DOOM Eternal adds Horde Mode and Stadia specific feature

It is time to Rip and Tear some more with the most recent Doom Eternal update 6.66.

This huge update includes two new Master Levels; Mars Core and The World Spear (The World Spear does need the Ancient Gods 2 expansion), Battlemode 2.0 and Horde Mode. As well as Stadia only feature for Horde Mode; State Share.

BattleMode 2.0

Firstly, Battlemode 2.0. This includes a new ranking system which takes your win streak into account to pair you with worthy opponents and give fancy new rewards. A new arena is included: Stronghold as well as a new playable demon; The fearsome and dreaded…Dread Knight. A seasonal leader board has been added to track your journey and reward players with unique unlockables at the end of every season.

Doom Eternal Dread Knight

Master Levels

There isn’t much to say about the Master Levels. They are fast, they are insane and they are extremely difficult. They’re called Master Levels for a reason.


Horde Mode

The most interesting part of this update, though, is Horde Mode. With no checkpoints, you battle wave after wave of demons over 3 missions. Demons from the original campaign as well as Ancient Gods part one and two will try and kill you. (You don’t need to have purchased Ancient Gods to go up against the new demons.) You start with a fully mastered Combat Shotgun, 3 extra lives and all runes/suit upgrades active. Then, after each Arena round you will unlock a new weapon at random. Weak points of the demons are still active, but you may not have the best gun to exploit them. Finally, when you have successfully slain every demon over the 3 Arenas and 2 Bonus rounds you will unlock cool customisation items as well as earn new Milestones. Each difficulty level will have its own leaderboard.

Horde Mode

State Share – A Stadia Exclusive

For Stadia users, there is more. After each arena you will get a notification like the one below. This will generate a screenshot with information embedded into the shareable link. Then you share your game state with other uses and throw down the gauntlet. Can they beat your perfect run in Horde Mode? Because they will have the exact same load out as you, it’s a fair competition.

Horde Mode State Share

Here is my first run through – can you beat it? Let me know in the comments.



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