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First founded in 2013, and later restored in 2020, CloudNag sets out to provide the latest news, reviews, interviews, features, and general articles pertaining to the video game and technology industry, with a specific focus on cloud gaming platforms and services.

Predicting that the future of the gaming industry was going in a digital cloud-focused direction, CloudNag was created back in 2013 as a dedicated source for all things cloud. Back then, the popularity and general acceptance of cloud gaming was low, with many people in the video game community not trusting or willing to support the idea of the cloud. Due to this, and many other contributing factors, CloudNag as a community was shut down.

Then in 2020, the domain and website was brought back online, fuelled primarily by the popularity of services such as PlayStation Now, Xbox Cloud, Google Stadia, GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna. Our goal is to once again create and foster a large and welcoming cloud community of likeminded gamers, contributors, developers, writers, and fans.

Ad-free Experience

CloudNag is a community-driven and community-run platform. We are, and will always be, supported by our dedicated community of readers, writers, contributors, and fans. Due to this, we are never going to display advertisements on CloudNag, and will always rely on donations and Patreon support.

Additionally, the design of CloudNag is intended to be as simple and as fast as possible, to ensure that everyone on any device can load and access CloudNag as quickly as they can, and with no distractions.