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[Sticky] Cloud Gaming Forums

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Quick update: we're working on providing a forum section for each and every cloud gaming platform, though for the time being, we're prioritizing specific platforms based on their popularity and expected user outcome. 

Currently, CloudNag will provide support for;

Google Stadia

Amazon Luna

GeForce Now

Xbox Cloud


We will also be adding the following platforms within the near future

PlayStation Now

Nintendo Cloud




We do, however, provide technical support forums for all of the above mentioned platforms, even for those that do not yet have their own dedicated forum sections. 


So, why the lack of [insert forum here]? 

Simply put, we want to ensure that we are capable of providing a well-moderated user experience, and don't want to spread ourselves too thin. The more forums and sections we have, the more moderators we'll require to actually maintain the peace within those sections. Additionally, we want to reduce the chance of inactive sections, such as for platforms that aren't very well maintained or supported, or for platforms that already have their own official forums. 

Topic starter Posted : 19/10/2021 1:24 am