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A Brief History: CloudNag was originally created all the way back in 2013, during the days of OnLive and Gaikai. At the time, there was a rather large fan community for OnLive called OnLive Fans, which I was a (mostly) happy member of. I even started my own OnLive fan community called OnLive Pal, though the success and popularity of OnLive Fans forced me to shut down OLP rather quickly. 

Then, CloudNag was born. Unlike other cloud gaming communities and websites at the time, CloudNag was unique in that it covered all cloud technologies, not just gaming. While gaming was the primary focus, it was an all-around cloud technology forum, and the first dedicated forum for cloud as a whole, not one tied to a particular brand or company.

Things did not go super well for us, early on. Despite being an all-around cloud discussion board, we focused far too heavily on OnLive, and unfortunately, most people were not all too confident in the concept of "cloud gaming". Given a lack of traffic, and the fact that other websites were starting to offer cloud sections to their forums, I determined that it was best to shut CloudNag down. 

However, now that there's been a recent resurgence of cloud gaming services, with Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud, GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna, being the four most notable in recent years, and considering my continued love and support for cloud gaming in general, I figured it was time for me to bring back the CloudNag name. 

So that's what I did. 


Moving forward

My main focus with CloudNag is to build a social community of like-minded cloud gaming enthusiasts, where we can all come together and discus the latest happenings in the world of cloud. Unlike other similar and more established websites, our goal isn't to provide coverage of a single brand or company, but rather, to cover all of the cloud gaming industry. If the future of gaming is the cloud, I want CloudNag to be a part of the discussion. 

Additionally, I'm prioritizing absolute simplicity. CloudNag, just like your favourite cloud gaming services, is all about providing the absolute simplest way to get the information you need, in as little time as possible. We are effectively removing the clutter that most other websites tend to have, such as advertisements, a complicated navigation bar, or irregular home page designs. We don't want to overwhelm you with useless or unhelpful data. We just want to provide you with news, reviews, guides, and other core information that you, a fellow cloud gamer, will actually want to read. 

I also want for CloudNag to be as informative as possible. Whether you're looking for the latest guides, technical analysis of the various cloud services, or you're simply seeking out an answer to a burning question. I want CloudNag to be the general go-to for all things cloud. 


No Advertisements

In an effort to reduce visual clutter, and make our website load as fast as possible, CloudNag will never display any advertisements. Instead, we plan to monetize through community contributions, merchandising, and Patreon. 


Join Us

If any of that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, then I highly encourage for you to sign up for a free CloudNag account. Help us create the ultimate cloud gaming resource by sharing your knowledge and viewpoints with the rest of our community, whether that's by asking or answering a question, sharing your epic gamer moments, talking about the latest games, or just being an awesome member of our community.

As a brand new (well, technically we're not new, but you know what I mean) community,  we could really use all of the early support. So please, sign up, post around, and be awesome. 

Posted : 19/10/2021 5:17 am